There are hundreds of people providing services to board game publishers. As a publisher I am always on the look-out for the companies and people with strong followings, demonstrated video production talents and more importantly those whose content is differentiated. Stella and Meeple University met ALL of these requirements for HutChu Games. Despite the vast oceans separating us, working with Stella was as easy as working with a company in Houston. We look forward to a long relationship with Meeple University as we jointly grow our businesses.

Woody Hutsell

They are very good, and very underrated

Paul Grogan

Excellent video. Easy to follow and very concise. I just got my KS Collectors Ed and always helps me to retain
rules after seeing a video. Thanks for putting this together!

Thom Grogan

The quality of your Your video show how beautiful this game is. It will help a lot of buyer who loves arts and graphics design to go for it. Thank you very much for that production. Hope to see other from you

Jérôme Archer

This is by far thee best rules explanation for Brass Lancashire I've found. Thanks for this.

Eric Booth

Nicely explained. I got a copy of the game in Essen and will try to bring it to the table this afternoon. Thank you and hope to see some equally good teaching videos in the future


We were ridiculously impressed by Tarrant's ability to teach our game in 5 minutes and cover all the rules.  We were joking that we should just show your video whenever we're doing a demo so people can learn the rules super fast now! (on Omicron Protocol Kickstarter Preview video)

Bernie Lin

Stella & Tarrant show a level of professionalism and attention to detail that leaves a publisher reassured in knowing their product is going to be presented accurately and attractively. I enjoy every interaction I have with Stella, because she is constantly trying to up her game and hone her craft. Lastly, her knowledge of gaming and the tabletop industry comes from a very authentic and enthusiastic place, making her a valued peer with experience to share

Rachael Blaske

Your videos are always done well. This game has a special place in my heart as it was the first "Euro" game I played. These videos are great as I use you how to plays to get people into new games.

Nick and I have watched both of them (the videos) and think they are OUTSTANDING! Excellent all around. I actually went to school for video production and worked for a couple of years as a Producer/Director on educational films, so I have critical eye to be sure, great work.

Diane & Nick Sauer

wow, you guys are really cool, I love the way how you teach and explain, very clear, very straight, looking for more to come!

Andrea GRP

Fantastic, by far the best Panamax vid out there, going to use it for my play tomorrow


I’ve watched this instructional as well as Gaia and for these heavy games, this channel easily has the best teaching videos available. Severely underrated instructional videos. Thank you so much for your huge effort and time spent on these videos. I completely trashed and humiliated my friends in Gaia project and have you all to thank.

The best review we've had. Watching it made me wanna go play my own game.

You do an absolutely outstanding job of rules explanation! I put you among the top tier teachers of our hobby! (Rodney Smith, Paul Grogen, etc) Keep up the good work!!

Kenneth Fisher

Have a hard time understanding how you guys haven't got more subs. Great production value, good format, good duo, and loving the designer interviews and input, too! The structure you use for these rundowns is particularly good - I like the top-down table view and handwork. Keep it up, I feel like it's just a matter of time. Oh, and this was an excellent breakdown, by the way. Doing an excellent game a real service with your Nemo series. Thank you!

Ryan McLaren

Been looking forward to reviews of this game, and became superhappy to see a review from Meeple University. 😍

Steinar Furuli

Thanks for your great explanation!!

Alexander Pfister (Designer of Great Western Trail)

I really love your videos and you're one of my favorite rules videos makers! Always so clear and easy to understand. Keep up the good work! 🙂 

Tiago Soares

Another great video. You are fast becoming my go to channel for learn to play videos. Shame I am not down in Melbourne otherwise I would attend some of the events you are organising

Andrew Chang

A very thorough, well-prepared and executed rules explanation. It must have taken quite a bit of work to produce!


Absolutely fantastic, very easy to understand. Best how to play of this game by far, keep up the good work.


This is (Dice Settlers) one of my top games of 2018. The more I watch Meeple University the more I like their stuff. Well laid out and clear

Scott "Tox" Morris

Great video! Clear and thorough rules explanation with lots of visual examples. Thank you!

Brian Pierce

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