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Stella Jahja - ABN 4991 2631 911

Please contact us at meeple.uni@gmail.com for more information on our sponsorship details. Our paid packages include Kickstarter Preview/Overview, How-to-Play and Playthrough. We generally don't put our opinion on our paid videos. We occasionally feature board games in our Vlog (Stella's Tabletop Diary) if we like the game - this is not paid. Happy to try and review your game, we would appreciate to contact us beforehand so we can see if the games suit our audience. 

Sponsorship General Information

  1. Please contact us first if you feel that your game suits our audience.
  2. We ideally need to have the game at least three weeks before your due date, so that we have time to learn the rules, play the game, film, edit and upload the videos. Please mail the game or prototype copy to us in Melbourne, Australia. We sometimes could accommodate special circumstances, but please do let us know first.
  3. We also share the video in our social media pages- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our website.
  4. We may ask you to clarify rules if needed.
  5. We will send you video file to be checked by you before we publish it online
  6. We can send the prototype off to another reviewer of back to you if needed, all we ask is you pay for shipping cost.

Publisher/Designer Checklist

  • Send us the rules so we know how complex the game is and how much the cost will be.
  • Send the game to us, at least three weeks before you need the video
  • Email us the logo of the game & your company for our video, preferably in .PNG format
  • Email us the front cover of your board game image, higher quality is better

Publisher/Designer Initial Questions

These are some of our initial questions, if you could please let us know the sooner the better to speed up the process:

  1. In percentage, how complete are the rules?
  2. The date you need the video by, and date of Kickstarter launch date?
  3. How complex is the game, as per Board Game Geek rating?


Please contact us at meeple.uni@gmail.com for your board game video needs.

Fantastic, by far the best Panamax vid out there, going to use it for my play tomorrow

Have a hard time understanding how you guys haven't got more subs. Great production value, good format, good duo, and loving the designer interviews and input, too! The structure you use for these rundowns is particularly good - I like the top-down table view and handwork. Keep it up, I feel like it's just a matter of time. Oh, and this was an excellent breakdown, by the way. Doing an excellent game a real service with your Nemo series. Thank you!

Great video! Clear and thorough rules explanation with lots of visual examples. Thank you!

The quality of your Your video show how beautiful this game is. It will help a lot of buyer who loves arts and graphics design to go for it. Thank you very much for that production. Hope to see other from you

Jérôme Archer

wow, you guys are really cool, I love the way how you teach and explain, very clear, very straight, looking for more to come!

A very thorough, well-prepared and executed rules explanation. It must have taken quite a bit of work to produce!

You do an absolutely outstanding job of rules explanation! I put you among the top tier teachers of our hobby! (Rodney Smith, Paul Grogen, etc) Keep up the good work!!

Excellent video. Easy to follow and very concise. I just got my KS Collectors Ed and always helps me to retain
rules after seeing a video. Thanks for putting this together!

Thom Grogan

Thanks for your great explanation!!

Alexander Pfister (Designer of Great Western Trail)

There are hundreds of people providing services to board game publishers. As a publisher I am always on the look-out for the companies and people with strong followings, demonstrated video production talents and more importantly those whose content is differentiated. Stella and Meeple University met ALL of these requirements for HutChu Games. Despite the vast oceans separating us, working with Stella was as easy as working with a company in Houston. We look forward to a long relationship with Meeple University as we jointly grow our businesses.

Woody Hutsell

Absolutely fantastic, very easy to understand. Best how to play of this game by far, keep up the good work.

Another great video. You are fast becoming my go to channel for learn to play videos. Shame I am not down in Melbourne otherwise I would attend some of the events you are organising

Nicely explained. I got a copy of the game in Essen and will try to bring it to the table this afternoon. Thank you and hope to see some equally good teaching videos in the future

This is by far thee best rules explanation for Brass Lancashire I've found. Thanks for this.

I really love your videos and you're one of my favorite rules videos makers! Always so clear and easy to understand. Keep up the good work! 🙂 

This is (Dice Settlers) one of my top games of 2018. The more I watch Meeple University the more I like their stuff. Well laid out and clear

Scott "Tox" Morris

They are very good, and very underrated

Paul Grogan

Une vidéo qui présente ce #J2S dont j'attends beaucoup : #KingdomRush. Voilà comment se faire une bonne idée du jeu à venir sur #Kickstarter https://t.co/WhEHYDDk1x

We love Kingdom Rush Rift in Time cooperative tower defence board game from @LDuckGames , our preview video is here- https://t.co/T3aeuOFxTP
Game is coming to Kickstarter soon! You don't need to have played the video game to enjoy the board game version of it!

Area 1851 Express board game just kicked off at Kickstarter. Check our how-to-play video as Kickstarter preview here- https://t.co/QNNBMsRUnX
Check out their Kickstarter here- https://t.co/BWe82rXKaW. Game from @Five24Labs , the maker of #MintWorks and #MintDelivery

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