Stella & Tarrant show a level of professionalism and attention to detail that leaves a publisher reassured in knowing their product is going to be presented accurately and attractively. I enjoy every interaction I have with Stella, because she is constantly trying to up her game and hone her craft. Lastly, her knowledge of gaming and the tabletop industry comes from a very authentic and enthusiastic place, making her a valued peer with experience to share

Dwar7s Winter WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY from @MeepleU! Set a Reminder for TOMORROW!! #Giveaway #boardgames #boardgamegiveaways #Dwar7sWinter #monsters #miniatures #tabletopgaming #TGIF

Playing #Dwar7sWinter tomorrow on our live playthrough, join us there for game and chat! Oh and giveaway thanks to @Vesuvius_Media 😍👍

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