I’ve watched this instructional as well as Gaia and for these heavy games, this channel easily has the best teaching videos available. Severely underrated instructional videos. Thank you so much for your huge effort and time spent on these videos. I completely trashed and humiliated my friends in Gaia project and have you all to thank.

We'll tell you the story of the bards of #BardwoodGrove :D - Join us live, w/ Merchants Cove the lot giveaway!
Join us - https://youtu.be/RybZ_U5PZxo

In 1 hour, we'll be playing #BardwoodGrove live! Join us to hear the story of the bards
😆 - https://youtu.be/RybZ_U5PZxo
We'll have Merchants Cove THE LOT for worldwide giveaway!

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