The best review we've had. Watching it made me wanna go play my own game.

Hanabi LIVE playthrough now on Board Game Arena! Classic cooperative card game, always fun to play -
With my special guest Ella Ampongan!

Fantastic Factories fans will be pleased with a new expansion in the works called Subterfuge. New blueprints and more direct player interaction sounds cool from @DeepWaterGames

The special edition Bits & Bobs this month featured @bananachangames @MeepleU @cardboard_kid @WeirdGiraffes @GreenBrierGames @PokettoGaming and more dynamic women in the industry, including most of the Girls Game Shelf crew. Don't miss it!

Special Disney delivery today! 😍 Excuse to watch both movies again. Looking at the rules a bit, looks like a fun light games... #HauntedMansion has some great artwork. #HocusPocus box is adorbs!

@RavensburgerNA @FunkoGames @ProsperoHall @DisneyParks

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