Fantastic Factories fans will be pleased with a new expansion in the works called Subterfuge. New blueprints and more direct player interaction sounds cool from @DeepWaterGames

The special edition Bits & Bobs this month featured @bananachangames @MeepleU @cardboard_kid @WeirdGiraffes @GreenBrierGames @PokettoGaming and more dynamic women in the industry, including most of the Girls Game Shelf crew. Don't miss it!

Special Disney delivery today! 😍 Excuse to watch both movies again. Looking at the rules a bit, looks like a fun light games... #HauntedMansion has some great artwork. #HocusPocus box is adorbs!

@RavensburgerNA @FunkoGames @ProsperoHall @DisneyParks

Ooh this really cute party game Bistro Flip is launching on 9/28. Coming from Sapporo. Please share and subscribe to their page to support them. @Madbonna @MeepleU @jonpower @Puffindor

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