What in the world!πŸ˜† Robin Hood is captured and we need to rescue them! Well it's actually a game #RescuingRobinHood - a coop card puzzle fun.
Prototype shown, coz it's on Kickstarter atmπŸ₯°. What's your fave Robin Hood game/movie?


I hope you will join me and @emmzaja tomorrow at 10AM PST for a game of Calico from @alderac on @TabletopiaGames ! http://Twitter.tv/Panda8ngel #boardgames #twitchaffiliate

Me vs TarrantπŸ˜†- We're fighting for area control in this quick 2 player game. Tarrant got the rules covered here -
https://youtu.be/f9KXigtX9NY 😍

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