Picked up a call, automated message:
Voice :"Hi Stella, this is am message from..beeep.. To continue press any key"
Me: *press the hang up key*
"Oh that doesn't work. The call is gone now" 🤣🤣🤣

Sneak peak of the new #Everdell expansion Mistwood & Newleaf 😍. I continue to fall in love with the artwork!


5 years ago I decided to not dive into a new computer game, but instead start making videos on YouTube. About boardgames. So intensely happy about it. So this is my 5 year-anniversary here on Twitter as @TheHappyLuza ! Let’s go!

Join us for a game of Meeples and Monsters with @MeepleU. And if you like the game, don´t forget to back us right now on Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/alderac/meeples-and-monsters

#tabletop #boardgames https://twitter.com/MeepleU/status/1367595989289345028

Stella @MeepleU & @TheDiceTower@MeepleU

In about 1 hour....we'll be playing #MeeplesAndMonsters live - on TTS. Bag building time!😁

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