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Is #Tranquility...tranquil? ;P Join us for live playthrough of the game that has #TheMind card game feels :)
Join us - https://youtu.be/9jxGhthPT7M

In about an hour, me and our regular guest Joy will be playing this cooperative game #Tranquility - join us for gameplay and random chat 😍 🙏
@luckyduckgames @HobbyWorldInt

Eila and Something Shiny... adventure made to my house. This solo adventure game is so cuteeeeee. Cant wait to play. Production copy from originally Kickstarter


I am arranging the lineup of previewers for @cytressofficial, so if you want in.
DM them (it's still me who is going to reply), and get on the list before they (me) close it.

gonna cap it at the end of this week.

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