Who'll be the mighty ruler of #DwelingsOfEldervale?😆 In about 1 hour! Live play, with giveaway of the same game😲😁👍
Set reminder- https://youtu.be/0UTUeLxeQEA
@breaking_games @CbAlchemy

Live in 10 mins. I continue my journey across the desert in a futuristic post apocalyptic world where humanity was mostly wiped out by a virus...

The best games have @GameTrayz inside! @DruidCityGames knows what we're talkin' bout! #missioncatastrophe is on #kickstarter http://ow.ly/pGh950CyW5S

Dis➡️FUN! #DwellingsOfEldervale we'll live stream this soon, w/ giveaway
I love how there are many factions you can choose, minis w/ sound effect, & @GameTrayz 😍
Set reminder- https://youtu.be/0UTUeLxeQEA
Ps. Peter the developer will join in the chat!
@CbAlchemy @breaking_games

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