Our channel is about our passion, board games. We started with How-to-Play videos, now we have evolved to Overview, Playthrough, Vlog and other board game videos. We produce regular weekly Vlog, Stella's Tabletop Diary, every Thursday. Our channel is growing each day. We also provide content to Tom Vasel's The Dice Tower Board Game Breakfast shows on YouTube that are published weekly. 

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Our Mission & Audience

We believe in creating quality videos to help educate and entertain our viewers as they learn to play modern board games, or to help them with board game purchasing decisions. We strive for clear and thoughtful explanations of games, and for a high standard of production.
We target our educational content to both casual and dedicated board gamers, and our entertainment content to dedicated gamers. We have a high proportion of male viewers (92-96%) in the 25-44 age range (93%), with global reach most concentrated in the United States.

Our Community

We are active in our local communities; organising and attending board game meet up, attending board game Cons such as PAX Australia, Tabletop Game Designers Australia meetings and CanCon to name a few. We will also be attending Origins Game Fair 2019 and Essen Fair 2019
We are growing our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers. We are always evolving, researching and learning, finding new ways to grow our channel and audience.

NEW: If you want to join a community who loves board game, just like you, we have our new Facebook group, Meeple University Community, where we share our experience, questions, ideas for vlog, and so on. You can be part of this community, everyone's welcomed, we are nice to each other, join and meet us there

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Striving to offer clear, concise, quality "How to Play", "What to Expect - Brief Overview", “One Round Playthrough”, “Stella’s Tabletop Diary – Vlog” and other board game related videos for board games of all difficulties.

Meeple University created in February 2018, by both geeks Stella Jahja and Tarrant Falcke. Both met the first time through a random board game meet up, became board game buddies, fell in love, and less than two years later created Meeple University.  Both play board games a few times a week, and realise that sometimes it is hard to find good how to play or brief overview board game videos that gives us great complete, logical, and structured explanation, concise and no rambling. This gave the idea to create the Meeple University YouTube channel. Both are very passionate about the board game industry and everyone that is involved in it.


Co-Founder, Producer, Presenter, Video Editing and Social Media Girl

Stella Jahja plays and collects board games. Maybe too many. Don’t some of us all? Is a big nerd. Stella starting off in the early days in her elementary school playing computer games, then console games. Still doing those at times, but now mainly playing board games, lots of them! Stella has also started her “Tabletop Diary” Vlogs, that cover behind the screen stuff, game nights, special guests, and so on. Stella lives in Melbourne, Australia.


Co-Founder, Producer, Presenter, Rule and Script Guy

Tarrant Falcke used to spend his spare time writing Wikipedia. Well, not much more now; he spends his time playing board game, learning the rules and writes the script for Meeple University videos – not always, sometimes he has it in his head only. Tarrant’s dry humour sometimes is part of the spice of our board game videos. Tarrant can also read upside down really well – handy to play board game. Tarrant also lives in Melbourne, Australia


If you're ready for the next step from #GanzSchonClever, then hope our how to play video of #DoppeltSoClever is handy😀✋. Still similar mechanics, but have different ways to score. Another great @WolfgangWarsch game👍
Video here-

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