Harakiri : Blades of Honor - Official How to Play Board Game

June 20, 2024

In the dark age after the war, embark on an adventure to develop your skill and the connection to the divine spirits in Harakiri Blades of Honor
Learn how to play Harakiri: Blades of Honor board game - we're rules teaching in the clearest, concise way, so hopefully you can skip most of the rulebook and just play! We're hoping that you'll be able to learn the games better this way - we'll look for ways to give you tips for understanding the game throughout.
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Check out Harakiri Blades of Honor board game page here - https://gamefound.com/projects/synergic-games/harakiri-blades-of-honor-reprint--souls-of-yomi

The rulebook will be updated as errata after this video, so please find the latest rulebook from the publisher's site here - https://synergicgames.com/en/downloads/

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00:00 Welcometo Harakiri Blades of Honor
00:24 Game appraisal
02:45 SETUP
10:22 Overview
10:38 Shogun turn
12:16 Character turn
13:12 Travel
17:18 Missions
19:46 City actions
25:06 Other map actions
26:16 Attack
28:27 Attribute test
29:06 Enemy actions
30:32 End of phase
32:11 Setup
36:31 Round overview
38:24 Character activations
39:32 Move
42:41 Attack
48:57 Interact actions
49:30 Ki dice
51:42 Kami mode
52:36 Enemies
56:05 Resistors
56:37 New tiles
58:24 End of phase

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By Meeple University - Tarrant Falcke and Stella Jahja

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