Candy Hunters - How to Play Board Game. With Stella and Tarrant

February 24, 2024

Send the kids to gather the best candies in Halloween, avoid ghosts or use them to your advantage in Candy Hunters.
Stella & Tarrant give you the full and concise rules for Candy Hunters board game - in The Dice Tower How to Play video series. Game published by Smart Flamingo, who sponsored this video.

Check out Candy Hunters project page -

00:00 Hello and welcome Candy Hunters
00:24 Game appraisal
00:57 Setup
02:00 Overview
02:38 Place a building
02:55 Move ghosts
04:08 Score or exchange pattern
06:12 Place a player marker
06:26 Game end
07:28 Candy hunters puzzles (solo mode)

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