Essen Spiel 2023 Games and Vlog😄🎉 - The rest of the games have arrived!

November 29, 2023

As promised here are the rest of the games arrived finally, continuing from our first Essen vlog. We're unboxing this 20kg cardboard full of board games, while chatting and sitting on our studio's floor 😆.

First Essen Spiel 2023 vlog video here -

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00:00 Welcome to our studio floor 🙂
01:36 Bedeville Carnival -
02:06 Maps of Misterra -
02:34 Nekojima
03:09 Cathedral of Orleans
04:21 Railroad Ink Challenge yellow & green
05:40 Mindbug
06:47 Aldebaran Duel
07:36 Tiwanaku
08:30 Tiny Epic Dungeon
08:30 Disney Dixit player tokens
09:30 Zhanguo
09:53 Similo Essen 2023
11:25 Nucleum
12:11 Orion Duel
13:00 Questions & comments from Essen Vlog part 1 -
19:45 Suspects (demo) & Imperial Miners
20:30 Moorland
21:01 A game about selecting seven cards speedily searching for synergies
21:16 Rebel Princess
22:05 Featherweight Fiesta
23:14 Freaky Frog from Outter Space
23:58 Waroong Wars
24:42 Nightmares of Sushi
25:17 Evil Corp
25:46 Ticket to RIde Berlin
25:54 Perspectives
26:31 Arborea
26:47 Djinn
27:15 Evergreen expansion & Melbourne Meeples mention -
28:42 Mytikas
29:39 Bruxelles 1893
30:15 Tokaido Duo
30:36 General Orders
30:55 Another event - The BIG Weekend, Bendigo
31:52 Wool Gang
32:23 Virtual Revolution
33:15 Waterfall Park
33:44 Quicksand

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