Vagrantsong - How to Play Board Game

September 15, 2023

Boss battle cooperatively to help the spirit gains humanity, aboard the ghost train in Vagrantsong.
Stella & Tarrant give you the full and concise rules for Vagrantsong board game - in The Dice Tower How to Play video series. Game published by Wyrd Miniatures

Check out Vagrantsong project page here -

00:00 Hello and welcome aboard Vagrantsong
00:18 Game appraisal
01:16 Scenario setup
04:58 Game overview
07:04 Round and turn summary
08:40 Movement
09:29 Events and investigation
11:30 Bust
12:33 Patch-up
12:49 Rummage
15:30 Skills
19:09 Haint turn
22:58 Losing humanity
24:49 Camp phase

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