Social Deduction Games - Which One is for You?

January 25, 2023

We bring in Luke, the expert by experience in social deduction games - after playing thousands different ones, Luke is here to share you the tips and guide, to different social deduction games.

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00:00 Start
00:12 Luke's experience and what this video is about
02:35 Deception Murder in Hong Kong
06:40 Spyfall
08:40 Fake Artist Goes to New York
12:01 Ultimate Werewolf
15:56 Two Rooms and a Boom
18:29 Don't mess with Cthulhu
19:47 One Night Ultimate Werewolf
20:17 Secret Hitler
22:59 Blood on the Clocktower
27:08 Avalon

Ultimate Werewolf (How to Play) -
Ultimate Werewolf (Guide to Roles) -
Ultimate Werewolf (One Round Playthrough) -
The Resistance & Avalon how to play and tips -
The Ultimate Guide to Avalon -
The Ultimate Roles Guide to Avalon -

Pub Werewolf St Kilda -

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