Mosaic: A Story of Civilization - How to Play Board Game. With Stella & Tarrant

September 17, 2022

Stella Jahja & Tarrant Falcke give you the full and concise rules for Mosaic: A Story of Civilization board game in The Dice Tower How to Play video series.

Mosaic Retail Edition in stores starting September 23. Last chance to purchase the Colossus Edition on Kickstarter starting October 13. Click here to be notified:

00:00 Start
00:34 Game appraisal
01:18 Game setup
05:14 Game overview
06:32 Work
07:10 Population
07:38 Build
10:47 Wonders
11:44 Technology
12:51 Tax and tarriff
13:57 Military
15:20 Government
16:17 Free actions
16:56 Empire scoring
18:30 End game

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