Goldenstar: the Galactic Tournament / Battle for Goldenstar - Quick How to Play

September 22, 2021

What is Battle for Goldenstar board game? Quick, punchy a few minutes overview here 🙂 Game by Gindi
Please note, the game has been rethemed since this video was made, to Goldenstar: the Galactic Tournament.

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Goldenstar: The Galactic Tournament is a 2-4 players asymmetric, deck building, King of the Hill Board Game.

The Goldenstar Tournament is an event organized by Galactic Empress every 5 years to honor Goldenstar, her favourite buddy cop movie. Now the tournament gathers the most dangerous duos which come to fight for eternal glory and fame on arenas scattered around the galaxy.

Start with a deck combined of two challengers' unique skill sets. Become crowd favorites, dominate your opponents and level-up characters. Upgrade your arsenal in Black Market and ultimately challenge everyone in THE FINAL FACE-OFF.

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Game is provided by publisher.

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