NEW! Official Meeple University Merchandise Store

May 19, 2021

May 19th 2021 UPDATE

We just launched our first official Meeple University Merchandise Store!

Click here to take you to the shop -
Here are some of the merch available :


Because we can :D. I (Stella) love wearing or using nerdy stuff, so might as well create my own. The shop is hosted by Spring (aka Teespring). Hope you enjoy browsing and can find what you like there. Thank you for browsing!

Stella (& Tarrant)

Those racings scenes in movies, if only there's board games about it....oh wait there is!😆 #HollywoodRacers captures the fun, wacky & competitive car racing😍. Going to Kickstarter!
Check out the video-
#TheDiceTowerHowToPlay @thedicetower

Me (Stella), Starla and Mik from Our Family Plays Games are playing Splendor on Board Game Arena! Join for chat, game, and maybe bad dad jokes.
Tune in -

In about 1 hour! Live streaming #Splendor board game with the lovely Mik & Starla 😍 On BGA! Tune in here to see Starla beats everyone😜 - plus chat, maybe dad jokes lol.
@our_plays @BoardGameArena @Asmodee_USA

We are starting a new series, TABLE TALK LIVE❤️We'll talk about #boardgame "stuff".... And it will be live! every Saturday at 10:30am PST. If you want to join our first TABLE TALK LIVE ever, pop in and say hello. We'd love to see you.

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