Sleeping Gods Board Games - How to Play (Complete + Index)

December 29, 2020

We're teaching Sleeping Gods board game, complete rules with index, so you can always jump to the section you want. Hope this will help you play this amazing game!

00:00 Start
00:41 Game appraisal
01:17 Setup / components
03:54 Overview
05:07 Ship actions
08:37 Ship actions: events
09:07 Map actions
09:45 Exploring
11:38 Challenges
15:40 Combat
22:41 Other map actions: travel
23:54 Other map actions: market
24:28 Other map actions: port
25:46 Other rules
27:30 Adventure overview
28:25 Adventure overview: defeat
29:06 Adventure overview: progression

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By Meeple University - Tarrant Falcke and Stella Jahja

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Game is provided by publisher.

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