Anno 1800 Board Game - How to Play + Beginner Tips

December 9, 2020

Want to learn to play Anno 1800 board game? We got it covered! PLUS tips throughout for beginners and to enjoy your game more! 😀

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00:00 Start
00:36 Game quick appraisal
01:33 Game setup
03:41 Objective
04:41 Game overview
05:51 Spending resources
10:36 Build
13:18 Increase working power
14:26 Level up
15:56 Play population cards
16:47 Exchange population cards
17:21 Unlocking the old world
18:41 Exploring the new world
20:14 Expeditions
20:34 City festival (reset)
21:19 Summary
22:16 Insights
25:02 End game

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By Meeple University - Tarrant Falcke and Stella Jahja

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Game is provided and checked by the designer, Martin Wallace

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