LIVE - Last Will & Alchemists - Playthrough Double Feature + Worldwide Giveaway

August 2, 2020

Join Stella & Tarrant live two player playthrough of Last Will and Alchemists back to back, where anything can happen in live show ;D
We are live streaming this for Czech Games Edition, for GenCon Online 2020. If you want a REALLY good strategy for logic puzzle in Alchemists, we'll show how it's done too ;P

In Last Will, your rich uncle just passed, and you're trying to prove you can spend money and have the least at the end of the game so you'll win the inheritance!
In Alchemists, you're competing alchemists trying to discover the secret of mystical arts, creating potions and publishing theory about your research.

We are giving away a copy Last Will + Getting Sacked expansion to one lucky person worldwide, thanks to Czech Games Edition (CGE)!!
CGE will send the prize to the winner directly.

To enter the giveaway, only while live stream, email to with a password on the email subject, which we're giving you in the live stream.

Live stream schedule:
Melbourne AEST, Sun. August 2 2020, 9am
PDT/PST, Sat. August 1 2020, 4pm
EDT, Sat. August 1 2020, 7pm

For how to play video of Alchemists, CLICK HERE (warning, one of our older videos ;D)

This video is being multi streamed at the same time to a few different platforms (such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter)

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By Meeple University - Tarrant Falcke and Stella Jahja

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