LIVE - Seastead Board Game - Playthrough + Designer in Chat Room + Worldwide Giveaway

July 19, 2020

Join Stella & Tarrant , with one of the designers Jan M. Gonzalez in the chat room - live two player playthrough of Seastead Board Game on Tabletop Simulator, where anything can happen in live show ;D
Seastead is the two player version of Flotilla, the game that we love, that is coming out later this year.

We are giving away a copy of the game to one lucky person worldwide when the game is available to retaul, thanks to WizKids!!
WizKids will send the prize to the winner directly.

To enter the giveaway, only while live stream, email to with a password on the email subject, which we're giving you in the live stream.

Live stream schedule:
Melbourne AEST, Sun. July 19 2020, 9am
PDT/PST, Sat. July 18 2020, 4pm
EDT, Sat. July 18 2020, 7pm

If you want to pre-order the game, head to here-

Check out our how to play video of Flotilla - CLICK HERE

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By Meeple University - Tarrant Falcke and Stella Jahja

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Is #CrossClues alternative to #Codenames ?😍
Such a fun fun cooperative game, can also be played
with 2 people!
Grids are laid out, you need to give 1 word clue to get
your friend to guess the intersection of two words. Thanks to our friends to intro this to us!


If you want the vibe of #HumanPunishmentTheBeginning - I got ya covered😆... Do you prefer me as human, or machine? 😜
Going to Kickstarter soon - prequel to #HumanPunishmentSocialDeduction2.0

Good news: our new sofa arrived 🥰
Not so good news, I didn't know I gotta assemble it🤣.. All good, it's actually not too bad, by the looks of it

My life is now complete...till the next #ExitTheGame comes out😂 Got a bunch of them today to keep us satisfied for a while😁. We love playing this on our date nights, and easily one of our favorite
@ThamesKosmosUK @ThamesAndKosmos @VR_Distribution

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