BoardGameGeek's Who's Playing What Now?! + Top 10 Popular Board Games June 2020

June 26, 2020

Check out this episode by BoardGameGeek - thanks Chaz for having us!


This episode: we list June 2020's top 10 most popular board games. These are the games that the most people are playing.

And then, Stella & Tarrant from Meeple University join us to share their picks for which popular games they think are being played the most. Our contestants are playing to win a prize for a randomly selected viewer, so be sure to check out this episode, and enter to win next time!

Discover which games are hitting the table the most frequently as we play the board game top 10 countdown game show, "Who's Playing What Now?!"

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! The better our contestants do at guessing the most popular games people are playing, the bigger the prize will be that a viewer will win! Follow the instructions in the video and enter to win next month's prize.

#MostPopularGames #Top10BoardGames #WhosPlayingWhatNow

Pro tip: take a look at someone's follower list before you retweet or tag in a promotional post. Noticeable lack of women, BIPOC, and LGTBQ+ followers? There's likely a good reason for that. Take a few seconds to ensure you know who you're affiliating yourself with.

Beautiful artwork, beautiful game, so many different combos of characters you can play with, it's so good! #SorcererBoardGame has coop mode currently on Kickstarter that I'm dying to try! Now, what's your favorite combos?

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