It's a Wonderful World Board Game - How to Play (with Index & game tips)

May 13, 2020

Want to learn It's a Wonderful World board game without reading the rulebook? Watch this to learn to play, including tips for beginners :D. Go to INDEX below to go to specific section.
Video is filmed using the Heritage edition of the game.

01:29 - Game setup
02:29 - Game overview
02:50 - Drafting phase
04:00 - Planning phase
06:38 - Production phase
09:35 - Other rules
10:27 - End game
11:39 - Beginner tips
12:53 - Game variants

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I like the artwork of this #WarriorsOfJogu Feint is 2 player asymmetric battle, each player has a secret battle location 1 out of 6, play cards or pass, the highest strength wins. But you'd play cards on other locations to bluff, it's fun! 😍
Have you played?


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