LIVE - Playthrough of Rise of Tribes with Beast & Bronze Expansion - Kickstarter Preview

April 29, 2020

Join Stella & Tarrant for live two player playthrough of Rise of Tribes with the new Beast and Bronze Expansion currently on Kickstarter, where anything can happen in live show ;D :
Melbourne AEST, Sun. May 10 2020, 10am
PDT/PST, Sat. May 9 2020, 5pm
EDT, Sat. May 9 2020, 8pm

NEWS FLASH-WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY! We'll be giving away a production copy of THE GATHERING pledge (when it is fulfilled) to participant in the live video, thanks to Breaking Games! What's included? See below:
THE GATHERING: This reward brings it all together - get the original game with deluxe components AND the expansion box with 2 new modes of play AND the Vul'Keth Invasion (solo mode and new faction). This tier also includes the 3 bonus hex terrain tiles included on this campaign."

This video is being multi streamed at the same time to a few different platforms (YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter)

Check out Rise of Tribes the new expansion on Kickstarter -

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By Meeple University - Tarrant Falcke and Stella Jahja

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Hanabi is one of my fave game, happy to play this w/ one of my fave person @ellalovesbg tomorrow on @thedicetower via @boardgamearena for #NoStringsAttached
Join us watch us succeed (or fail lol)

How good is #Kingdomino and this one on #BoardGameArena yo! Part automated, you can't accidently cheat, so we play twice, coz so quick!😊 Have you tried it on BGA?

@boardgamearena @BlueOrangeGames


That game that I posted last month #ShaoliaWarringState, we got playthrough, well a few rounds playthrough 😁. Base & expansion is going to Kickstarter btw, I heard someone missed that. The game I feel like a bit of Space Base + Fantastic Factory +Dominion

Tom reviewed Tellstones and minced no words about it: he hated it. Some comments are implying he has integrity because of this (compared to reviewers who liked it). Disliking a game does not mean you have more integrity than someone who liked it. 1/4

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