Play "Welcome To" LIVE with us. Guest Jeremy Howard (who will also giveaway stuff)

April 12, 2020

Set a reminder! Get your score sheet ready, we're playing "Welcome To" base game online together! Stella and Tarrant are hosting the live game of Welcome To. This time we have guest Jeremy Howard! He will also be giving away stuff (to US folks at this stage).
Make sure you have access to the live chat, so you can join us and see other folks comments, and comments when you reach a card goal.

Jeremy Howard is a contributor to Man vs Meeple, follow this link to check it out -

To learn or refresh the rules, watch how to play video beforehand here -
To download the score sheet, provided by the publisher, click here (older version of the sheet) -
You can also download the app as score sheet, search "Welcome To Board Game" on Android and Apple store.
Link to PDF rulebook is here-
To post pictures of your score sheets, I created a post on our Facebook page, this way anyone can access it -

We schedule to be live on:
AEDT (Melbourne, Australia) Saturday April 11th, 10am
EDT (Florida, USA) Friday April 10th, 8pm
DST Friday April 10th, 7pm
PDT (California, USA) Friday April 10th, 5pm

UPDATE: Winner have been contacted after the show and prize organised.

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By Meeple University - Tarrant Falcke and Stella Jahja

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Kia Kaha. Stay strong. Black Lives Matter.

This is the @our_plays channel. I just found out about them, and am so glad I did. Fun, heartfelt, thoughtful discussions about the hobby and what it means to their family. I've just binged 5 episodes, but subbed after 2. Lets get them to 1K subs! 1/3

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