What Makes a Good Party (Board) Game - With Stella & Tarrant of Meeple University

March 5, 2020

What's up everyone! This week we're talking about what is a party game or board game, and what we think is a good party game, and some of examples.

Here are some of the videos we have for the games we talked about:
Colt Express (How to Play) - CLICK HERE
Team3 (Stella's Short and Sweet) - CLICK HERE
Just One (How to Play) - CLICK HERE
Ultimate Werewolf (How to Play) - CLICK HERE
Ultimate Werewolf (Guide to Roles) - CLICK HERE
The Resistance/Avalon (How to Play) - CLICK HERE
Subtext (Girls Play Games) - CLICK HERE
Letter Jam (Rules Overview) - CLICK HERE
Captain's Gambit Kings of Infinite Space (Stella's Short and Sweet) - CLICK HERE

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By Meeple University - Tarrant Falcke and Stella Jahja

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We played the prototype of #ShadowKingdomsOfValeria - (it's going to Kickstarter) and we love it! Many combos, many decisions to be made, such deep strategy game! Same designer as #Lockup great art by @txemico


Hey @PWalkerHarding Listened to your interview on @5games4doomsday. Probably my favorite interview yet. Your observations on accessibility in design, and even the role of a Christian in society were very thoughtful. I loved all of it.

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