Viscounts of the West Kingdom Board Game - How to Play. A Kickstarter preview by Stella & Tarrant

February 27, 2020

Viscounts of the West Kingdom Board Game Tutorial. How does it play? A Kickstarter preview, components and artwork are not final.

00:50 - Game summary
01:37 - Setup
03:30 - Turn overview
06:25 - Tableau Adjustment
07:52 - Movement
08:43 - Action points
10:40 - Trading
12:23 - Building
13:33 - Placing workers
16:17 - Transcribing manuscripts
17:25 - Hiring townspeople
17:53 - Resolving collisions
20:25 - Redrawing and shuffling
21:04 - Building bonuses
22:07 - Other rules
24:00 - End game
27:00 - Solo mode (teaser)

Check out Viscounts of the West Kingdom on Kickstarter here (preview until March 3rd 2020) -
To see overview video Stella's Short and Sweet of Viscounts of the West Kingdom , CLICK HERE
To see sample playthrough of Viscounts of the West Kingdom, CLICK HERE
To see our discussion between Viscounts, Architects and Paladin of the West Kingdom, CLICK HERE

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