Endogenesis 2nd Edition Board Game - How to Play. By Stella & Tarrant

February 24, 2020

Endogenesis Board Game Tutorial. Learn how to play, know the rules to this strategy card game. Some of the components shown in the video are prototype copy for the 2nd edition of Endogenesis.

To watch how to play video for Endogenesis Beyond expansion, go here- https://youtu.be/oNaAsOneb6Y

Check out Endogenesis Beyond expansion on Kickstarter here - COMING SOON!

00:51 - Game introduction
02:13 - Standard Play (Segment)
02:18 - Setup
05:25 - Game overview
06:02 - Draw phase
06:35 - Combat phase
21:14 - End game
22:06 - Status effects
27:54 - Chaos royale mode
23:28 - Tactical mode

Board Game Geek Link- https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/238676/endogenesis

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So proud that me and Tarrant's name are on the rulebook of Merchant's Covefor, for the initial rules🙏🥰.
Thank you @FinalFrontierG . Also for the game🥰


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