Our Top 10+ Board Games of 2019. By Stella & Tarrant, aka Meeple University

January 2, 2020

Here is the list of our top favorite board games of 2019 and why. We also do special mention and why they are special. Are they on your list too?

Minecraft (Stella's Short and Sweet) - CLICK HERE
Minecraft (How to Play) - CLICK HERE
On Mars (Stella's Short and Sweet) - CLICK HERE
Wingspan (Review) - CLICK HERE
Wingspan (Girls Play Games) - CLICK HERE
Coloma (Preview/Rules Overview) - CLICK HERE
Coloma (How to Play) - CLICK HERE
Coloma (Playthrough) - CLICK HERE
Mini Rails (Stella's Short and Sweet) - CLICK HERE
Awkward Guests (Stella's Short and Sweet) - CLICK HERE
Deranged (Stella's Short and Sweet) - CLICK HERE
Crystal Palace (Stella's Short and Sweet) - CLICK HERE
Cartographers (What to Expect) - CLICK HERE
Paranormal Detectives (our How to Play on The Dice Tower) - CLICK HERE
Copenhagen Roll and Write (Preview/Rules Overview) - CLICK HERE
Expedition to Newdale (Stella's Short and Sweet) - CLICK HERE
Maracaibo (Stella's Short and Sweet) - CLICK HERE
Toy Story Obstacles and Adventures (Stella's Short and Sweet) - CLICK HERE
Pipeline (Rules Overview) - CLICK HERE
Flotilla (How to Play) - CLICK HERE
Subtext (Girls Play Games) - CLICK HERE
Meeple Party (Stella's Short and Sweet) - CLICK HERE

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By Meeple University - Tarrant Falcke and Stella Jahja

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@MeepleU The project is live What the What?! The party game; Reinvented, via @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/574558502/what-the-what-the-party-game-reinvented?ref=android_project_share

The party game for people who love technology, weird history and the risk of serious injury.

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Sorry, you gotta have to go through my antics again๐Ÿ˜‚ Whether you want it or not, here's Ms Inventors and her associates for #WhatTheWhat - coming to Kickstarter, in like, an hour๐Ÿ˜œ
What's she on about? Here's what- https://youtu.be/MqUjUdR0j2M

Just reminder, there is this great game #DuneImperium - deck building, worker placement, and more. We're playing this live finally woohooo! Hang out with me & Tarrant!
Set reminder here- https://youtu.be/JS6DXN66USk

@GailSimone There are so many great review sites and such a lot of fab reviewers/streamers on Twitch. Some of the better known ones : @WatchItPlayed, @ShutUpShow, @MeepleU, @our_plays and @NoPunIncluded are all amusing/informative.

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