PAX Australia 2019 Tabletop Coverage

October 16, 2019

Stella and Tarrant (well, more Stella) coverage for PAX Australia 2019 Tabletop/Board Game section, what's happening and featuring some of Australian board game designers/publishers - just a fraction of what PAX has to offer.

00:14 - Almost opening time
00:55 - Life sized car made from Lego pieces!
01:22 - Looking around
02:36 - Awkward Guests
02:48 - 2 Minutes-ish board games intro
03:04 - 2 Minutes-ish: Pack of Crooks
04:55 - 2 Minutes-ish: Tabletop Game Designers Australia (TGDA)
06:06 - 2 Minutes-ish: The Barmaid's Tale
07:15 - 2 Minutes-ish: The Stars Align/Panakizhi
08:38 - 2 Minutes-ish: Rare Roses
10:00 - 2 Minutes-ish: Rolling with the Waves
11:19 - 2 Minutes-ish: Rat Catcher
12:27 - 2 Minutes-ish: Animal Empire & convention western game
14:29 - 2 Minutes-ish: Oom-Pah!
16:40 - 2 Minutes-ish: Runika and the Six Sided Spellbooks
18:56 - 2 Minutes-ish: Scoffton
21:14 - 2 Minutes-ish: I Have the Biggest Sword!!!
23:02 - The Dice Men Cometh Podcast - What are they doing here all the way from Tasmania? ;P
29:57 - Other amazing stuff

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