Merchants Cove Board Game – How to Play (With Timestamp for All 6 Merchants, including expansion)

August 25, 2019

Want to see how to play Merchants Cove the base game, 2 expansion characters and what each merchant/faction does to produce goods? Watch full how to play video here.

01:12 - Game appraisal
02:43 - Setup
04:25 - Round overview
04:53 - Turn overview
09:15 - Actions
11:28 - Sponsorship
12:02 - Market phase scoring
14:50 - End game scoring
15:47 - The Alchemist
20:17 - The Blacksmith
25:13 - The Captain
30:38 - The Chronomancer and His Assistant
36:32 - The Oracle
44:12 - The Innkeeper

Check out Merchants Cove on Kickstarter here-
Check out Stella's Short and Sweet for Merchants Cove, CLICK HERE


Fiancé aka Tarrant can be cute too, well all the time really😍. Our wedding is delayed due to lockdown still happens, so he got me these small cute things- he got the book coz he said the writing is true ❤. Aww. Not board game related sorry, but thought it's cute

We had fun playing Midnight Murder Mysteries - puzzle deduction, mystery, a bit like murder mystery party. Playthrough video is here on @thedicetower #PocketPlaythrough 😍😁

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