Space Gate Odyssey Board Game – Overview, What to Expect (Giveaway and more for Australia)

July 29, 2019

UPDATE 9th August 2019: We have around 80 entries to our competition, there a few answers that's almost close to the number of dice in the jar, but the closest one is with 5 number under the correct number and we have a winner! It is James Westra with 272 dice in the jar. Answer is 277 dice. Congratulations James, we will be in touch!
If you're wanting to see the video of the dice being poured, go to the post here-

Space Gate Odyssey, find out in a few minutes what it is about.
Board game is provided by our sponsors for this video, GUF and OzGameFinder. Australian viewers, WIN one of Space Gate Odyssey board game, watch the video to find out how to enter!
Please follow us on social media, we will post more but optional information that can be handy to enter 🙂

Competition due date is Thursday 8th August 2019, 11:59pm AEST.
Discount code due can be used up to 26th August 2019, 11:59pm AEST.

GUF also provided Australian viewers with 40% discount on Space Gate Odyssey board game. When you check out please enter:
and/or go to their site here-

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