Our Origins 2019 Board Games Haul - What to see before GenCon 2019 - Stella's Tabletop Diary Vlog

July 25, 2019

We shared our board games haul from Origins 2019, some will be released on GenCon 2019, check out what they are and what we think of the games.

For Origins 2019 Interviews, go to this playlist- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLteVTOZcpXnBJ_XwZrnp-BasmEZO14NtU
We do videos on separately on most board games we cover here, check our channel or website here - or most of them below (click the title to get to the video)

How to Plays:
Abomination The Heir of Frankenstein
Sierra West
Doppelt So Clever
Bunny Kingdom In The Sky expansion
Teotihuacan Late Preclassic Period

Century A New World
Jixia Academy
Mage Knight Ultimate Edition
Ravnika Inquisition
Volcanic Isle
Sierra West
Copenhagen Roll & Write
Escape The Curse of the Temple

Girls Play Games
Blank Slate (coming soon)
Drop It (coming soon)

One Round Playthrough

Howabout some pretty "stones" for playing?πŸ˜€ We'll be playing #MandalaStones on @TabletopiaGames - wonderful Rainer from @BoardAndDice will join me for some game, random chat, dad jokes whatever else happen in the live show!
Set reminder here- https://youtu.be/e3cYNX2w3Nk

Hello Detectives! 😜 πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ What does #ChroniclesOfCrime1900 bring to table? We talked about light comparison and what's new!
Video here- https://youtu.be/NgNWIYOMCBM

This new app is seriously super cool! It’s about art, not like Instagram is(which is mostly bs now). If you just want to see beautiful art, I highly suggest you download it and check it out! Tons of artists are signing up everyday! https://twitter.com/theninjabot/status/1383832093298360332

Arnel Baluyot@theninjabot

I’m on @artfolapp! Really digging it so far! It’s a great community and very artist focused. It’s a bit buggy, but worth a shot!

Another 1/6th scale arcade replica from @NewWaveToys
Dragon's Lair originally released in 1983. If you were good at this game you were the KING of the arcade. I still suck at this game.

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