The Castles of Burgundy The Dice Game Playthrough - Girls Play Games with Ella Loves Boardgames

May 23, 2019

The Castles of Burgundy The Dice Game board game. Watch us girls youtubers having fun playing this fun roll and write game , with our thoughts about the game. Guest starring Ella Loves Boardgames.

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#HadriansWall - one of the crunchiest flip and write😍. So good, it has #GanzSchönClever feel. Mainly there are 4 tracks, and each actions could chain together efficiently. Coming out soon I believe. Watch out for it folks!
@garphillgames @samphillipsilo


LIVE - Mariposas Board Game - SPIEL 2020 Playthrough & Ecos Giveaway (US/Canada/Aus/some Euro)

Join me and Tarrant now for LIVE - Mariposas Board Game - Playthrough & Ecos First Continent US/CAN/AUS/UK/Germany/Spain/France Giveaway -
For #SpielDigital #SpielDigital2020

48 hours left! Hurry and check out Cartographers Heroes + 3 Map Pack Expansions by @thunderworksgam on @Kickstarter

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