Unplug and Play - Melbourne Board Game Mini Convention 26th May 2019 - TICKETS ON SALE NOW

May 9, 2019

UPDATE 25th May 2019 - Thank you for those who purchased the tickets!
For public transport option, tram number 86, stop Charles St/Smith St is the closest stop pretty much stops outside Queen of Spades, 189 Smith Street, Fitzroy VIC.
Please find map of parking options for the day. Smith Street has paid parking all day but the side streets have cheaper if not free options for parking. See you then!

UPDATE 10th May 2019 12pm - Tickets are now on sale, click BUY TICKETS below to take you to the link :). Oh, and please check out the video intro here, made by Ella 🙂
Hope to see you there!

UPDATE 10th May 2019 1:45pm - More than a quarter of the tickets are sold guys! Quick before it is all gone! 🙂

UPDATE 21st May 2019 - Tickets are almost gone!

Unplug and Play! Meeple University and Ella Loves Boardgames teaming up, also with Queen of Spades, we are bring you Melbourne board game mini convention! Sunday 26th May 2019. Thanks to our sponsors VR Distribution, Purple Meeple Games & Go Game Out. Play our games or BYO games.

Tickets are limited and available to purchase from Friday 10th May 2019 at 12pm via link below (click anyway before the date and hit REMIND ME if you want to be reminded:

Please buy the tickets to avoid unable to enter the MiniCon, because the space is limited, event organise may need to turn people away if you have not pre-purchased tickets. Thank you for your understanding.

Check out some of the board games available to be played on the day, both board game prototypes not available for retails yet, new games, a few other favorite of ours, we'll keep adding to this list. Ps. some of the board game thumbnails are clickable, it take you to video about that board game, if we have it 🙂



These are some of board games* for raffle on the day, 1 board game maximum per person. Drawing of prizes will be around 5:30pm on the day. Thanks to our sponsors for providing the board games, VR Distribution, Purple Meeple Games and Go Gameout.
*Games may vary on the day, subject to games availability


@GailSimone There are so many great review sites and such a lot of fab reviewers/streamers on Twitch. Some of the better known ones : @WatchItPlayed, @ShutUpShow, @MeepleU, @our_plays and @NoPunIncluded are all amusing/informative.

Chilli, reverse real time building, set collection and thrown in a bit of chaos- a game that surprises us a bit coz it's fun to play. Going to KS in about 1 hour #Buurn 😍 🌶️
#TheDiceTowerHowToPlay @MorningPlays

Party word game that's simple enough that you can play this online via webcam too if you want - #match5 - do we like it? What we think of it - https://youtu.be/daNhC-7_Akg

Friends, I'm admitting my addiction. Since I found out Stardew Valley is coop multiplayer (Xbox One), I've been playing it with Tarrant whenever I get the chance in between work (oh no). It's been awhile since I played, what's the best guide you've seen? Stardew Wiki, Indi guide?

Me (Stella) & Tarrant are playing #Dunaia -check it out, this one worth looking if you like dice drafting, puzzle placement & set collection! Hang out with us, chat, giveaway, some bad dad jokes :D
Tune in - https://youtu.be/dB9dEqib0dM

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