Runika and the Six-Sided Spellbooks Board Game – Kickstarter Preview

April 30, 2019

Find out from our Kickstarter preview and overview of this dice drafting, pattern building Runika and the Six-Sided Spellbooks Board Game.

Check out Runika and the Six-Sided Spellbooks on Kickstarter -

I wigged up for this anime style deck building game😆. #HeartOfCrownFairyGarden - why is it different than other deck building? Just over 2 mins video here-
It's still light fun, offers slight asymetric power.

I'm impressed! Look at this picture in rulebook of #ArenaTheContest. How beautiful is this!! There are a few artists involved in this project, so unsure which one

This sheet is super handy! Keyboard shortcuts to special characters. Dávid Turczi is one that I have to keep referring too 😂

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