Life of Girl Board Gamer – Kingdom Rush Rift in Time Board Game, Coffee and Friends

April 12, 2019

A day in my life, go to board game cafe, play Kingdom Rush Rift in Time board game with Ella from Ella Loves Board Games and Dave the owner of Queen of Spades. We were at Queen of Spades board game cafe in Fitzroy.
Showing you casual and part playthrough for Kingdom Rush, so you see how roughly the game flow is, how the interaction between player is and what we think about it after playing it. Announcement about board game event is coming soon..... hint, it's to do with me, Ella, Queen of Spades, and board games ;P

To see brief overview Kingdom Rush Rift in Time, CLICK HERE
To see Ella Loves Boardgames channel CLICK HERE
Roll for the Win t-shirt design, go here-
Queen of Spades, is in Fitzroy (Melbourne), VIC, Australia, their website here-

Who here likes #dinosaurs ?😍✋✋ I want to have this mug, well the bigger version of course. I like tiny stuff, put my finger next to it as comparison. With tiny dinos in the background. More on this mystery game tomorrow!😛

Konnichiwa! 🙇😀 Two players game this one #GunshiTheArtOfStrategy - 2 sides battling trying to outwit each other, with cards programming. I starting to enjoy more and more asian market board games like this one!
@economic_wars @grandoor_games

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