Life of Girl Board Gamer – Kingdom Rush Rift in Time Board Game, Coffee and Friends

April 12, 2019

A day in my life, go to board game cafe, play Kingdom Rush Rift in Time board game with Ella from Ella Loves Board Games and Dave the owner of Queen of Spades. We were at Queen of Spades board game cafe in Fitzroy.
Showing you casual and part playthrough for Kingdom Rush, so you see how roughly the game flow is, how the interaction between player is and what we think about it after playing it. Announcement about board game event is coming soon..... hint, it's to do with me, Ella, Queen of Spades, and board games ;P

To see brief overview Kingdom Rush Rift in Time, CLICK HERE
To see Ella Loves Boardgames channel CLICK HERE
Roll for the Win t-shirt design, go here-
Queen of Spades, is in Fitzroy (Melbourne), VIC, Australia, their website here-

The word on the street is, one of people's most anticipated @kickstarter of 2021 - #PrimalTheAwakening - here's full how to play for this card puzzle cooperative game😍 on @thedicetower
#TheDiceTowerHowToPlay @ReggieGames

Card drafting and auction bunched into one? 😁
How does it play and what do we think of #Nidavellir ?
@GrrreGames @VR_Distribution

Is #CrossClues alternative to #Codenames ?😍
Such a fun fun cooperative game, can also be played
with 2 people!
Grids are laid out, you need to give 1 word clue to get
your friend to guess the intersection of two words. Thanks to our friends to intro this to us!


If you want the vibe of #HumanPunishmentTheBeginning - I got ya coveredπŸ˜†... Do you prefer me as human, or machine? 😜
Going to Kickstarter soon - prequel to #HumanPunishmentSocialDeduction2.0

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