Call to Adventure Board Games x3 WORLDWIDE Giveaway!

March 26, 2019

UPDATE 13th April 2019- We have drawn the three winners, congratulations to the winners below. Please contact us at to give us our details so we can organise the prize for you.
Video of our live draw was here-

Christopher Redinger Cary NC United States
Anthony Giovinazzo Bensalem PA United States
Rachel Peterson Olney IL United States

UPDATE: Competition has ended. Live drawing to draw winners will bo on Sat 13 Apr 10am AEDT/ Fri 12 Apr 8pm EST on Meeple University channel on YouTube. Subscribe and hit the bell button to get notifications when we're live!

Celebrating the release of Call to Adventure board game from Kickstarter, and the release of our How-to-Play and Review videos from us at Meeple University, we will be giving away Call to Adventure board games to 3 lucky winners, worldwide! Thanks to our sponsor Brotherwise Games for providing the prizes - please visit their Facebook page and check them out!

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel CLICK HERE and hit the bell icon (free to subscribe), if you haven't already done so, it means a LOT to us so we can keep producing videos for you, and possibly bringing you more competition like this one.

Find out about Call to Adventure board game via our review video, Boards of Honours, or you can also find out how to play the game in our full rules video. Both video links we have provided below. HINT: There is an entry in the competition, where you can find the correct answer by watching our review/how-to-play video.

Deadline to enter is Tue 09 Apr 2019 2:59pm AEDT / Tue 09 Apr 2019 12:59am EST / Tue 09 Apr 5:59am CET
One prize maximum per person.
Finally, we offer a variety of options to keep it fair for those that choose not to use certain platforms. Good luck and have fun!


Review video of "Call to Adventure" board game, below

How to play video for "Call to Adventure" board game, below


Enter to competition below

Win 1 of 3 Call to Adventure Board Games - Meeple University Worldwide GIVEAWAY!

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