Nemo's War 2nd Edition Board Game – How to Play, with tips from Alan Emrich game developer

March 2, 2019

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Nemo's War 2nd Edition board game. Tutorial for this great strategy game for your solo game or multiplayer! Includes tips from Alan Emrich, the 2nd edition developer.

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00:45 - Game introduction
01:29 - Setup
06:31 - Game overview
08:09 - Round overview
10:33 - Actions overview
11:53 - Actions
12:02 - Movement
12:22 - Searching
12:57 - Tests
17:16 - Attack
23:32 - Incite
24:49 - Rest & repair
25:59 - Refit
26:22 - Adventure
26:33 - Events
28:26 - Adventure action
29:14 - Lull turns
31:35 - Emergency Help
32:59 - Escalation
35:12 - Ship placement
36:52 - Notoriety
37:59 - Game end
40:33 - Variations, difficulty settings
41:57 - Deadly seas
42:19 - Cooperative mode
43:09 - Tips from Alan Emrich

Small correction, caption of Co-operative Mode came a little too early in the video, but check the index for the correct time.

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We have #WayOfThePanda for awhile, but just recently got that onto our table, such interesting strategy! Tarrant said it's a bit like Hansa Teuctonica - which I have but haven't played. I need to play more of this. I need to play more board games gosh!


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Great Scott! What a great thematic game #BackToTheFutureDiceThroughTime we work cooperatively trying to return Biff's stolen item, and must also fight Biff in different time too!😝 I'm a BIG fan of the movies, so the cards made me tingles!

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