Nemo's War 2nd Edition Board Game – How to Play, with tips from Alan Emrich game developer

March 2, 2019

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Nemo's War 2nd Edition board game. Tutorial for this great strategy game for your solo game or multiplayer! Includes tips from Alan Emrich, the 2nd edition developer.

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For brief overview of Nemo's War 2nd Edition, CLICK HERE

00:45 - Game introduction
01:29 - Setup
06:31 - Game overview
08:09 - Round overview
10:33 - Actions overview
11:53 - Actions
12:02 - Movement
12:22 - Searching
12:57 - Tests
17:16 - Attack
23:32 - Incite
24:49 - Rest & repair
25:59 - Refit
26:22 - Adventure
26:33 - Events
28:26 - Adventure action
29:14 - Lull turns
31:35 - Emergency Help
32:59 - Escalation
35:12 - Ship placement
36:52 - Notoriety
37:59 - Game end
40:33 - Variations, difficulty settings
41:57 - Deadly seas
42:19 - Cooperative mode
43:09 - Tips from Alan Emrich

Small correction, caption of Co-operative Mode came a little too early in the video, but check the index for the correct time.

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LIVE - Dwar7s Spring Board Game - Playthrough & Worldwide Giveaway

LIVE! Me (Stella) and Tarrant are playing #Dwar7sSpring. Hang out and chat with us :D. Plus worldwide giveaway :)
Tune in -

We'll be playing #Dwar7sSpring in about 1 hour! This is the 3rd instalment of the #Dwar7s series. Link here-
I can't wait to play try to upgrade my dragons, feels like Pokemon evolving😁

We'll play #Dwar7sSpring live on YouTube later today, w/ giveaway🥰 . Our favorite part is the mechanics on the common board, a little thinky where you build your towers and place your Dwarfs
What do you think of it if you've played?


Taking #Silver for a spin😉. Played with
friend and also on Tabletop Simulator. At the start we
weren't sure what to do, ie. card goes face up or down,
etc, but doesn't take long till we got it, then it goes
quick. Have you played the expansions yet? How are they?

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