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February 25, 2019

UPDATE March 17, 2019: We have got our winners! Watch our live drawing here on YouTube, to watch and see the winners, CLICK HERE


UPDATE: Tune in to our YouTube Channel on March 17 2019 10am AEDT / March 16 2019 7pm EST for live drawing for the winners!


DEADLINE TO ENTER: Wednesday 13th March 2019, at 11:59pm EST/Thursday 14 March 2019 4:59am CET/Thursday 14 March 02:59pm AEDT

So, what is it?

To celebrate the launch of our new website, reaching 1,000+ subscribers and our 1 year of Meeple University YouTube channel, we would like to share our joy with you by giving you FREE BOARD GAMES AND GOODIES!

10 (maybe 11) lucky winners will receive the following prizes, including shipping worldwide* (except 2 prizes, to certain locations, please see note below)
STRETCH GOAL BONUS PRIZE - What's a campaign without stretch goal, right? ;P One extra prize of Robin Hood & the Merry Men if we reach at least 2000 YouTube subscribers, so please share the joy, we would really appreciate it!

We thank YOU so so much for supporting us, watching our videos, being our patrons on Patreon. We thank all of our sponsors for keep making awesome board games and providing the board game prizes, so please check out their pages to follow, like and check their games out - you'll even get entries to the competition by visiting their sites! Sponsors in alphabetical orders: Board & Dice, Deep Water Games, Final Frontier Games, Five 24 Labs, Rule & Make, and Starling Games. Last but not least, we thank our website designer Marcus Bendall of for taking all our ideas, make it into a cool new website.

Keep reading for how you can enter...

What are the prizes? You can also watch it in our vlog above.

  1. 1× Welcome To (Deep Water Games) - quick & fun roll (or card) & write game where you compete to build the best estate!
  2. 1× Hand of Fate Ordeals (Rule & Make) - great adventuring deck building board game based on video game Hand of Fate, a must have!
  3. 1× Mint Works PLUS Mint Delivery (Five 24 Labs) - quick & fun worker placement, and delivery game package, both games fit in your pocket!
  4. 1× King's Forge 3rd Edition PLUS King's Forge Gold Expansion** (Starling Games) - great deck building game where you are the smiths competing to forge the King's favourite weapons. (see note below regarding location availability)
  5. 1× Escape Tales The Awakening*** (Board & Dice) - Newly released story driven escape room style card game, that focuses on the story & exploration, instead of time. (see note below regarding location availability)
  6. 1× Meeple University Cap - it will protect your head, it's limited edition and we think it looks pretty cool ;P
  7. 4× Meeple University Coins - 1st player/active player token for those games that may need one, and you can use it to scratch scratchy tickets too! Size in diameter is approximately 3cms
  8. BONUS PRIZE - This "Stretch Goal" is UNLOCKED if we reach 2000 YouTube subscribers by the end of this competition- 1x Robin Hood & The Merry Men (Final Frontier Games)**** - semi co-operative board game where you rob the riches and fight evil Prince John's armies, adorable components, great play and artwork.


Meeple University Biggest GIVEAWAY!

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* Please note, you don't have to be a subscriber of Meeple University channel on YouTube to be eligible to win, however being our subscribers will mean a LOT to us maintaining our channel :). Subscribe if you haven't already done so if you like, and make sure you hit the bell icon too for our update notifications. It is free to subscribe.

** Due to supplier's limited distribution, King's Forge 3rd edition and the Gold expansion by Starling Games only available for US, Canada, Europe or Australia mailing address - if we draw a winner for this game that does not reside in these areas, we will give one of the other prizes.

*** Due to supplier's limited distribution, Escape Tales The Awakening by Board & Dice not available in South America and Asia - if we draw a winner for this game that does not reside in these areas, we will give one of the other prizes.

**** Robin Hood & Merry Men game will only be available as prize if we reach at least 2000 subscribers on our YouTube channel by the end of this competition, so please share this competition to your friends, family, neighbours. Sharing is caring 🙂

Please ensure you have completed an entry fully before closing out or hitting continue. The winner's submission will be verified to ensure that all options have been completed properly.

One prize maximum per person.

Finally, please don't feel obligated to complete all entries. We offer a variety of options to keep it fair for those that choose not to use certain platforms. Good luck and have fun!

After the end of competition, we will draw 10 names (or 11 names if we reach our "stretch goal"). After that, one name at a time, we will draw the prize for the winner.


Watch our videos on some of the game featured on our giveaway:

Welcome To, How to Play
Welcome To, Expansion Overview
Robin Hood and the Merry Men, Overview
Robin Hood and the Merry Men, How to Play
Hand of Fate Ordeals, Overview
Hand of Fate Ordeals, How to Play
Hand of Fate Ordeals, Sample Turns

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