Jabberwocky Board Game – Kickstarter Preview

February 9, 2019

Jabberwocky Board Game . What is the game about? Find out from our brief Kickstarter preview here.
There are 5 game in one, Bandersnatch, Borogoves, Gyre, Mimsy and Slithy.

Check out Jabberwocky on Kickstarter here- http://kck.st/2XX3mqN
Please note that we are using prototype copy of the game, therefore art, rules and components are not final.

Cold War suicide glasses had a single cyanide pill hidden in the arm. When a spy was in trouble, they could chew on the arm of the glasses to avoid torture.

Shadow Network hits Kickstarter on October 20th! Sign up for launch alerts: http://ow.ly/ScP650BzE8C

#boardgames #spies

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