Kingdomino Board Game – What to Expect, Brief Overview.

January 6, 2019

Kingdomino. What is the game about? Find out from our brief overview here.

To see how to play video for Kingdomino , CLICK HERE
To see how Kingdomino is being played in playthrough, CLICK HERE

Get Kindomino game and more here

Who here likes #dinosaurs ?😍✋✋ I want to have this mug, well the bigger version of course. I like tiny stuff, put my finger next to it as comparison. With tiny dinos in the background. More on this mystery game tomorrow!😛

Konnichiwa! 🙇😀 Two players game this one #GunshiTheArtOfStrategy - 2 sides battling trying to outwit each other, with cards programming. I starting to enjoy more and more asian market board games like this one!
@economic_wars @grandoor_games

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