Social Deduction Game Werewolf, Avalon, Spyfall - Stella's Tabletop Diary

December 24, 2018

Stella's Tabletop Diary - Social Deduction Game Werewolf, Avalon, Spyfall
By Meeple University - Tarrant Falcke and Stella Jahja
With guests game host Dave Douds & Neuroscientist Dr. Avni Pepe
Learn how to play social deduction games, especially Werewolf.

Link to Werewolf Melbourne hosted by Dave Douds:

To check our video for Avalon/The Resistance with rules, tips and strategies, please go here:
To check our video for the Ultimate Werewolf how to play, CLICK HERE
To check our video for the Ultimate Werewolf roles explanation, CLICK HERE
To see how the game is played in One Round Playthrough, CLICK HERE

Get The Resistance , Avalon, and other social deduction games below

Here is something fun that we are introducing tomorrow with Food Chain Island by @Scott_Almes. It's the first of a sub-line of Button Shy games that are "simply solo". One player only. Light on rules. Big on replayability.

Join us for LIVE playthrough of #TheQuacksOfTheQuedlinburg this weekend! @NorthStarGames is giving away a copy of the game worldwide to one lucky winner - will be drawn at the playthrough.
Link to set reminder -

Remote gaming party game! #Trapwords is such a fun game, even played remotely! We set up our physical game, webcam, mic, Discord, setup different chat room on discord for each team. Thanks to @czechgames video for the idea!
What physical game have you played remotely?

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