Hand of Fate: Ordeals Board Game – How to Play & Setup, with Michael "Barantas" McIntyre

November 19, 2018

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Hand of Fate: Ordeals Board Game – Learn how to play, gain the advantage! Helps you to know the rules before your game night. With the designer Michael "Barantas" McIntyre for tips and strategy for the game.

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01:12 - Setup
06:00 - Turn Flow - Deck Management
10:24 - Turn Flow - Fatigue, Acquire, Rest
16:19 - Turn Flow - Explore
28:33 - Bosses
37:04 - End Game
38:25 - Campaign Play
44:18 - Tips from the designer Michael "Barantas" McIntyre

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Please find some extra information regarding Trap Encounter Cards, thanks to the game designer Michael "Barantas" McIntyre who put together the explanation for us.
Trap encounter

There are two levels of the card, the level 2 draws one trap. The level 3 draws two. So we draw two trap cards (suppose the cards shown below).

To complete trap cards you need to spend cards. These cards can come either from your hand or from cards presently bound to your weapon.
Each trap card has three components to complete; and, each component has two costs and you choose one of the two to pay. So, for the first (leftmost) component of the first trap card, you pay either two effort, or pay one effort which must come from a trickster card. It is consistent across all traps that the first option is a generic effort cost, and the second is an archetype-specific cost in either effort or power.
So, to complete the first trap card shown, you could spend the following three cards. This completes:
-          Component 1 = two generic effort
-          Component 2 = one soldier power
-          Component 3 = one trickster effort

Cards can be split across different parts of the trap, so the second trap card shown above could be completed with these two cards:
-          Component 1 and Component 3 = two combined wanderer effort
-          Component 2 = one soldier power

For each component of the trap that you complete, gain the fame bonus shown.
For each component of a trap you do not complete (either because you cannot or because you choose not to), resolve pain cards equal to the number in the bottom right of that component.
Then, as long as you didn't die you get to gain the benefit printed in text under the traps. When doing this, you add the total number of drawn and taken cards together and resolve them at once – so these two traps would give you draw 4 cards and take two.
You could also delve by spending food at the end of a trap card; you spend one food then draw another card. If you complete that card you get to add that traps reward to the total.
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