Gaia Project Board Game – How to Play (Full Rules)

July 15, 2018

Gaia Project Board Game. Learn how to play, gain the advantage! Helps you to know the rules before your game night.

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01:08 - Introduction
07:35 - Power
13:44 - Game Flow
14:46 - Income and Gaia Phases
16:38 - Action 1: Building a mine
21:53 - Action 2: Gaia projects
24:46 - Action 3: Upgrading a structure
30:41 - Action 4: Forming a federation
35:06 - Action 5: Research
39:28 - Action 6: Power and QIC actions
41:45 - Tech Tiles
45:06 - Action 7: Special actions
46:25 - Action 8: Passing
47:39 - Summary of actions
52:32 - Scoring

Get racing - almost like the actual ride on Disney theme parks! What is it, what I think, and... DISNEYYY!!!!!!! 😍😍
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More on #DimentalsUnseenWarfare combat game that uses mechanics, every time certain even happens, light got switched off and special light turned on, to reveal extra resources and abilities on the cards. It's not awesome art, but part of mechanics too.


The glowy things on our desk 😉. Filming a game with amazing mechanics, needed special light to activate. No, it's not just a gimmick 👍
@LightNGames1 #Dimentals
Stellar Two Player Card Game Unboxing. @scottwholley @MeepleU @TheBGKaptain @boardgames4k @TomTeachesGames @Dagreenskins @TwoGunPixie @NeverBoredGames @JPacCantin

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