Food Chain Magnate Board Game – How to Play (Full Rules) & Setup

May 27, 2018

Food Chain Magnate. Learn how to play, gain the advantage! Helps you to know the rules before your game night.

Get Food Chain Magnate here-

If you like jump ahead to specific part of the video, please click on the time (works in computer)
00:42 - Setup
03:37 - Gameplay
04:30 - Restructuring
06:54 - Order of Buisness
08:12 - Working 9 to 5: Recruiting and Training
12:53 - Distance
15:21 - Working 9 to 5: Marketing
18:58 - Working 9 to 5: Getting Food and Drink
23:04 - Working 9 to 5: Building Houses, Gardens and Restaurants
27:06 - Marketing Campagins
31:55 - Dinner Time
40:39 - Payday
42:11 - End of Round
43:12 - Milestones
45:34 - Mid Game and End Game
47:15 - Tips

Really enjoying #MyTinyIslands by @dr_d_king - there is something so whimsical about the style of the landscape produced, as if a roll and write was made by the people behind Song of the Sea. Highly recommended - really, go and try this out right now!

So we got this idea of putting our tips together, but our conversation went elsewhere at times😆😂. Anyway, hope this is handy for you! See you at #PaxUnplugged !

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