The Resistance & Avalon Board Game – How to Play, Setup, Strategy & Tips

April 27, 2018

The Resistance & Avalon Board Game – How to Play, Setup, Strategy & Tips. Learn how to play, gain the advantage! Helps you to know the rules before your game night.

00:42 - The Resistance/Avalon Game Summary
01:42 - The Difference between The Resistance and Avalon
02:59 - The Resistance Setup
04:17 - Night Phase Explanation
04:48 - The Resistance Night Phase Example
05:07 - Rules
06:29 - Example Discussions Later in the Game
07:50 - Rules (Voting for Mission)
09:43 - Mission Phase
12:12 - Avalon Setup & Special Roles Addition to The Resistance
14:40 - Avalon Night Phase Example
15:58 - Avalon Special Roles Continue
17:24 - Avalon Lady of the Lake
19:29 - Tips & Strategy (Basic)
31:25 - Tips & Strategy (Special Role: Merlin)
35:25 - Tips & Strategy (Special Role: Percival)
37:28 - Tips & Strategy (Special Role: Morgana)
39:55 - Tips & Strategy (Special Role: Assassin)
41:55 - Closing & Credits

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Hmmm so many options. Maybe Terraforming Mars and Pandemic, although probably more filming what the theme is rather than around playing. And Pandemic is kinda whats happening atm.
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What board game should get a series like #TheQueensGambit?

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